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Adam Milstein: How He Got Started

Adam Milstein was and raised in Israel. Because of his father’s work, his family lived in several places during his childhood. When he was of age, Milstein began his mandatory service in the Israel Defense Force. He served in the Yom Kippur War as a combat sailor.

After completing his service, he enrolled at Technion. Following his graduation, he and his family moved to the United States. While attending the University of Southern California, Adam Milstein began pursuing a career in commercial real estate. Now, Adam is a Managing Partner at Hager Pacific Properties.

During his early years at USC, Milstein took notice of all the campus recruiters. While he found what they were talking about interesting, he didn’t like exactly what they were offering. He felt that they were offering to pay him less than what he felt his experience was worth. So, he went out of his own and became a real estate commercial broker. After three years of success, he became a real estate investor.

When Adam Milstein first started out, his days were hectic. It was really just him doing all the work and that usually was a full day of meetings and going to different properties. As he became more experienced and developed more of a business structure, his schedule began opening up more. Over the years, he’s gotten more involved with his philanthropies and his family.

Even after a decade in the business, Adam Milstein is still excited about what he does. Real Estate may not seem that exciting to most people, but to Adam Milstein, the ins and outs are a spectacle to behold. Real Estate is one of those industries that consistently going up and down. It takes a long time and a lot of effort to get results in real estate.

This biggest failure that Milstein had to overcome was wanting immediate success. Initially, he put all his eggs into one basket and just hoped for a miracle. To succeed in the real world, patience is key. Milstein learned that the hard way during college.

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Adam Milstein

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