Securus Technologies: Taking a Proactive Role in Correctional Facility Security

New technology to make correctional facilities safer has been introduced by Securus Technologies. Wireless Containment Systems are a new technology that prevents contraband cell phones from being used in jails and prisons. The devices look and operate just like a conventional cell phone tower. The difference between the two is that the Wireless Containment System prevents the signal from leaving the facility. This makes it impossible for the inmate to place a call on the network the phone normally has service through. This invention brings a sigh of relief to many facility employees who consider contraband wireless devices to be Read More

Securus Technologies Develops Key Technology to Prevent Illegal Cellphone Use in Penal Systems

A major threat to the security of penal institutions is the unlawful introduction of cellphones into the inmate population. This happens with shocking regularity across the United States.   When inmates in correctional institutions are armed with illegal cellphones, they are able to continue their criminal activities, even while they are incarcerated. They can coordinate what proves to be very serious crimes from their jail cells. This includes everything from drug crimes to murder.   Former Florida corrections officer Robert Johnson is a prime example of what can happen when inmates have unlawful cellphones in their possession. Johnson worked for Read More

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