Daniel Taub thinks that Speaking with People helps Him to Learn Something

Daniel Taub is known as a master Ambassador of Israel who garnered envious success during his term as the Ambassador in the U.K between 2011 and 2015. He thinks that speaking with people is one of the important characteristics that helped him to be highly successful in the role. Taub thinks that speaking with people, with critics as well as friends, helps him to learn new things. He said that he met many people who were critical to Israel, but he met and talked to them, on a condition that he would not make any of the private conversation public. It helped him to have quiet conversations to understand different thoughts.


Taub further thinks that his childhood in the U.K., jobs including working with IDF, being part of Israeli foreign ministry, and more have helped him to understand people and culture better. The fact of being a multidimensional person helped him to observe people from close range. Daniel Taub thinks that though the people of the U.K. are critical, they listen to others and ready to adopt a moderate stand on their decisions. He says that such acts are creating a very good feeling to everyone who all are part of the discussion. Taub observed that generally Israelis have no patience in discussions and come directly to the point.


According to Daniel Taub, people should not look back after completing their term of service. He thinks that the four years he spent as Israeli Ambassador in the U.K. gave him a deep sense of satisfaction. While some people may think he could have done little more, Taub says that the goals set for the embassy, in the beginning of his term, demanded him specific results. Compared to what is instructed, he could achieve far more and developed some great relationships, including connectivity to newer sections of the British community. Taub also ensured that the embassy is managing the places it was not doing before. During his term, the embassy opened information centers of Israel in Wales and Scotland.


Daniel Taub also feels a great sense of accomplishment when it comes to the relationship between the U.K. and Israel. He was known for shaping the policies and public opinion in favor of Israel in the country and offered excellent support to the Jewish community in the country. During his period, the trade between both the countries has doubled and made greater progress in cultural and academic sectors as well. He also acted as a peace negotiator between the Jewish and Arab communities in the U.K.

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