Doe Deere’s Morning is a Lot Like Yours

Running a beauty business is as difficult as you may think, but Doe Deere starts her day a lot like everyone else. You may wonder what you and her have in common. That’s why it’s fun to take a look at her morning and maybe the rest of her day.



Doe Deere wakes up early to watch the sun come up. She likes to sit at her window and watch the sun with a full glass of water. She says it’s important to have plenty of water when she gets up. This way there is not any worry about being dehydrated.


After she has a chance to relax and get a good breakfast, she likes to apply her makeup. She starts with a primer and then adds a foundation to even out the face. Then she adds her blush and eye colors. Then she adds a little powder to set the makeup. After that, she does her lip color and relaxes with her cats.


Doe likes to spend as much time with her cats as she can, but normally in the morning she plays with them and spends time loving her cats before she goes into the office. She says she likes to spend her mornings off of her phone and her business emails. It isn’t until she is on her way to the office she looks at what her day looks like.




Once she gets to the office, she goes to meetings about new lines or colors she wants to add to her lines. She also works with her schedule her meetings and others presentations to help with keeping the business going. She says she lives by her schedule and uses it to plan her day.


If she can, Doe likes to get out of work by six, but she has stayed till midnight before. She will do whatever she can to make sure her business stays on track and that it’s getting everything done like she needs it to. She really trusts the people she works with and relies on them to help her get the things out that she needs to in the lines she has.


Doe Deere is a woman that works hard and wants to make sure her line of bright awesome makeup gets to the people that need it the most. She lives like everyone else and makes choices like everyone else about her day and her business. She is a lot like the rest of us with her lifestyle and the animals in her life she loves. You can find her makeup online or in stores in major cities.


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