Entrepreneur Sawyer Howitt: Wise Beyond His Years

Sawyer Howitt is a young entrepreneurs that is already making an impact. A high school senior in Portland, Oregon, Howitt is headed to Columbia University to study entrepreneurial finance.

However, he already has a few years of real world business experience. His first job was in customer service at KURE Juice Bar. After a few months, he left to become a business strategy analyst with RFID Checkout. He spent a year there working with company executive to redesign the retail experience using innovative technology.

Sawyer Howitt is now a project manager with The Meriwether Group. He’s an advisor that is working to transform the structure of commerce through innovative business development. He recently penned a piece offering advice to young entrepreneurs poised to enter the business world. In the article, he provides some valuable insight on some things that young entrepreneurs need to add to their boundless energy and physical resilience in order to help their businesses to succeed as they gain hard-won experience.

Just Start
Sawyer Howitt recommends they start their new business as soon as possible rather than wait for the ‘perfect time’. He explains they will get practical experience as they begin to address their real world business needs.

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Hire The Right Employees And Support Them
Howitt explains young entrepreneurs should hire employees that have the necessary skills and fit the business culture they want to develop. He also recommends rewarding achievement to keep employee happy and motivated.

Maintain Focus
Distractions can divert energy and kill a business, Howitt explains. Business success requires almost fanatical devotion.

Watch The Numbers
Sawyer Howitt tells young entrepreneurs that paying attention to key numbers like start-up costs, payroll, inventory and key performance indicators is the only way to get the results they want.

Communication Skills Are Vital
Being able to communicate well with customers, staff, vendors, investors and others is a key to success, Howitt says. Entrepreneurs must be able to embrace networking activities or hire a business partner that can.

Starting a business can be fun and exciting, Sawyer Howitt explained. But young entrepreneurs need the right attitude, staff and focus.

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