Eric Lefkofsky: Building a Medical Network

Through the efforts of physicians and scientists around the world, fatal diseases and outbreaks that historically killed millions of people have been eradicated in the face of the Earth. The partnership between the scientists and the physicians is the sole focus of the project of Eric Lefkofsky. He wanted to create a network that has vast information about diseases and its symptoms, the pathogens which causes them, the ways on how it spreads, and ways on how to treat it. He is also envisioning the network to be always accessible and open to anyone who wanted to do some research. Eric Lefkofsky stated that the partnership between the scientists and the physicians would yield positive results because of the nature of their working environments. Scientists are responsible for the researches done in the laboratory, while the physicians are responsible for monitoring the condition of the patients, as they are the ones who have direct contact with them. Eric Lefkofsky added that the network can also become a device for communication, as it would allow physicians and scientists to send real time information, exchanging ideas in a blink of an eye and more information click here.

This vision from Eric Lefkofsky has been made real through the establishment of Tempus, a company focusing on developing high tech devices and programs. He is one of the co-founders of Tempus, and the company has been working on the network based on the visions of Eric Lefkofsky. This network would soon become an open database which can be accessed by anyone around the globe. The operating system that Tempus is currently working on would help scientists and physicians around the world to exchange information about certain diseases and speed up the time required for researching on each cure. The operating system from Tempus has a huge potential once it is introduced to the public. It will bring significant transformation in the field of medicine, and it could also usher a new age in the history of mankind and learn more about Eric.

Imagine being able to live in a world where disease is no longer a threat to the existence of humankind. And it all stems from an idea developed by someone who wanted to change the world for the better and Eric’s lacrosse camp.

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