Mike Baur: A Successful Businessman and Entrepreneur

Mike Baur is a well known businessman and entrepreneur from Switzerland. Before upholding the position as the co-founder and managing partner at Swiss Startup Factory, Mike Baur was in the banking business for 20 years. He worked for UBS and Clariden Leu during his banking years. After 20 successful years in banking, Baur resigned to begin investing in start up companies before co-funding his own company in 2014, Swiss Startup Factory, with business partners Max Meister and Oliver Walzer.


Baur took part at the START Summiteer as a jury member, a prestigious pitching competition at START Summit where startups get to pitch in front of influential investors and demonstrate confidence and credibility through their creative ideas.

Mike Baur was also named deputy managing director of CTI Invest when Swiss Startup Factory and CTI partnered.

Among other partnerships and successes, Baur led Swiss Startup Factory through its accelerator program Goldback Group in 2016, as well as the partnership with Fintech Fusion on the same year.

In December 2016, The Wall Street Journal described Mike Baur’s career from simple Swiss banking to successful entrepreneurship and startup investments.


Business man and entrepreneur Mike Baur has led quite and inspiring and imposing life. Baur grew up in Switzerland in a region known as Freiburg. Baur earned multiple business degrees at the University of Rochester and Bern University.

At the young age of 16, Baur kicked off his banking career. By 1991 the young and impressionable gentleman became a Union Bank of Switzerland apprentice. Most young teens at his age were working fast food or retail while he was dealing with finances and money. Immediately after his career kick started, a hiring manager was listing each promotion Baur would most likely receive long before his retiring age. However, his life, as any other young persons life, took several different turns that would eventually lead him to his own firm.


Baur continued his banking career through the 1990s and before the age of 30 he was promoted to a main advisory position. The skillful banker provided wise advice to wealthy investors and the richest individuals.

Baur decided to stop working for UBS in 2008 picking up a job at another bank, Clariden Leu. Here he worked for six years and in 2014 decided to ditch the banking environment.

With his new passion for helping tech entrepreneurs, Mike Baur co-founded Swiss Startup Factory alongside business partners. Swiss Start Up Factory is an independent firm that strives to help young business owners to succeed.

Today Mark Baur has endless success up his sleeve and continues to work in the Swiss Startup Factory.


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