Securus Technologies Develops Key Technology to Prevent Illegal Cellphone Use in Penal Systems

A major threat to the security of penal institutions is the unlawful introduction of cellphones into the inmate population. This happens with shocking regularity across the United States.


When inmates in correctional institutions are armed with illegal cellphones, they are able to continue their criminal activities, even while they are incarcerated. They can coordinate what proves to be very serious crimes from their jail cells. This includes everything from drug crimes to murder.


Former Florida corrections officer Robert Johnson is a prime example of what can happen when inmates have unlawful cellphones in their possession. Johnson worked for the Florida Department of Corrections for over a year.


While on duty one day, he came upon a box filled with contraband that an inmate was attempting to get into the institution. The value of the contents of the box was estimated to be about $50,000.


Johnson was able to foil the inmate’s attempt to get the contraband into the facility. The inmate was furious with Johnson’s interference with his scheme and was set on getting revenge.


The inmate had in his possession an illegal cellphone. With the cellphone, he contacted one of his associates beyond the walls of the prison. He directed his associate to kill Johnson. The associate was more than willing to comply.


One morning while Johnson was getting ready for work, the inmate’s compatriot broke down the front door to the correctional officer’s home. The man opened fire on Johnson, shooting him multiple times. Doctors were amazed that the man survived the shooting.


Once Johnson recovered, he made the objective of eliminating unlawful mobile phones from the hands of inmates in correctional institutions his major task in life. He devotes a great deal of his time to this endeavor.


Johnson is not alone when it comes to combating illicit cellphones in penal institutions. Securus Technologies is the industry leader when it comes to technology designed to enhance the safety of correctional institutions. This includes technology that are developed to prevent the introduction of cellphones into correctional facilities. The technology is also designed to identify illegal cellphones in correctional facilities, and to eliminate them.


Securus Technologies has kept track of the frequency of illegal inmate communications as part of an examination of the extent of the problem. Securus Technologies monitored the number of illegal communications its technology prevented at eight correctional facilities. During a one year time period, Securus Technologies prevented over 1.7 million illegal inmate communications at these eight facilities.


Securus Technologies currently provides its products, services, and solutions to over 3.400 correctional and law enforcement agencies in the United States and Canada. The company’s solutions serve institutions that house over 1.2 million inmates in North America at this time.


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